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For us that thrill of being on the grid, engine running, the smell of rubber in the air. There’s nothing quite like it. Most of us are far away from ever being able to compete in a real high endurance race. But we are here to tell you the best and in our mind the closest you can get to that feeling, without having to spend a small fortune; Team Sport Go Karting UK. Find out why you should add Sport Karting to your Thrill Seekers Bucket List.

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Where can you do Team Sport Karting in the UK?

TeamSport karting is all over the UK and boasts a large selection of tracks that will allow you the ability to test out your driving skills. Even if you’re a beginner or someone who’s done racing previously, the environment TeamSport Karting provides will suit everyone.

The circuits TeamSport Karting provide throughout the UK come in all shapes and sizes. Warrington boasts the longest track they have at 1000 meters long. The Warrington course is even classed as an international karting circuit with 35 corners that are guaranteed to put any driver to the test. I have raced at Liverpool Cardiff and Sheffield, the latter being my favourite as it’s the second-largest go-kart track in the UK.

Team sport go karting UK - go kart track in Sheffield

How to prepare for your Team Sport Go Karting experience

TeamSport have gone out of their way to make the experience as quick and easy as possible. Just download the app register yourself and provide your license information and other small details, and then you’re ready to go.

When attending your chosen circuit, you will be given the appropriate personal protective equipment and made to buy balaclava and gloves which cost £3 each. There’s a good chance that after your first experience you will be hooked, so if you intend on going regularly or karting is something you want to take up in the future don’t lose the first set you buy.

Each time you attend you will need to do a safety briefing. The experienced guide will explain the track layout, hand signals, the relevant flags, and the traffic light system. This will let you know how to identify when to stop, when to go and where not to overtake.

Then you’re ready to race

What is the Team Sport Go Karting Experience Like?

Once you’re in your go-kart the marshals will test your ability to break and set you on your way. If you’ve never been on the track before it’s always a good idea to take a few laps to get used to the circuit. This is good practice when going to different Team Sport Karting circuits UK as each one will be different and will host a different number of challenges. 

For me, the layout of the Sheffield TeamSport Karting circuit is one of my favourites. You can drive up to two different levels, starting on the ground and then up to the second level. The thrill of speeding down the track from the top-level back to the ground really gets your adrenaline pumping. The different track surfaces (wood and tarmac) also give you different experiences as you fly around the track.

Packages available at TeamSport Karting UK

Team sport go karting UK - bend on the go kart track in Sheffield

If you’re wondering how much is Team Sport Go Karting, the packages start at £45, unless you’re already a member. 

If you intend to visit during peak times like evenings and weekends, then it is best to book in advance. There are also occasional team sport go-karting vouchers on sites like

Wowcher or Buy a Gift where you can get discounted tickets that also make great gifts.

Depending on what package you have chosen you will get either 3–15-minute stints, or 2-23 minutes stints at trying to set your fastest lap time.

There are several options you’re able Pay for when it comes to the track day:

1.      Grand Prix; 50 lap races

2.      Adult experiences

3.      3-4-2 track event

Each time you race at TeamSport, your lap time is tracked and posted to your account on your app. Your time will also be displayed on the viewing screen at the bar in the pit lane so after each race is able to get an understanding of how fast you are and where you can improve on your next laps. So, if you’re like me and extremely competitive, this is the best way to improve your track time and get in the bragging rights over your mates.

Team sport Go Karting in Summary

If you’re a closet speed freak with a competitive streak, you will love some Team Sport Go Karting action. If you work for the forces, NHS, or are a student you can also benefit from extra discounts. Stag or hen do? Those are covered too! If you’re a biker and have your own helmet, gloves, or other gear, take it with you and imagine you’re out on the open road.

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  1. I’ve done go-carting here in San Diego and also in Las Vegas. I’m not very good at it but it’s a great family activity. The men get super competitive!

  2. I have always wanted to try karting, but never tried it before. I think that the older I grow, the less safe I see it. But it’s very good to know that you are given a full training before you get in the car, and that the staff tells you how to drive and when to not overtake. That is very useful information. I might give it a go at some point, it does look like a lot of fun.

  3. Wow! This is fun! I love Go Karting. It’s nice that they do a safety briefing every single time. A Grand Prix sounds really exciting. We’d love to visit in the future.

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