Myrtos Beach Paragliding – See this iconic Kefalonia beach from the sky

Kefalonia is the biggest island in Greece but also one of the least populated. This means there’s even more beauty and adventures to experience, and you don’t have to fight the crowds. If you’ve done any research already, you’ve probably seen photos of Myrtos beach, one of the most stunning beaches in all the Greek Islands. But did you can experience Myrtos Beach paragliding? The best seats in the house are in the sky and a tandem flight will give you much more than any viewpoint ever will! Find everything you need to know about paragliding over this breathtaking location. 

Myrtos Beach Paragliding Contents

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How to get to Myrtos Beach

Most adrenaline junkies will choose to hire a car, motorbike, moped or quad bike / ATV to explore the beautiful beaches, viewpoints and quaint villages across the island. We were tempted by a Kawasaki motorbike, but the winding roads and long drives meant that practicality won, and we rented a convertible. Check out Bike Booking to see what options are available.

Some of the most popular places in Kefalonia are Argostoli (the capital), Lassi, Assos, Skala, Sami and Fiskerado. Because of the meandering roads, you can expect at least 45 minutes to drive to Myrtos beach from Argostoli. Even longer if you’re staying further south than the capital.

Find great accommodation options on the map of Kefalonia island below – we stayed in Lassi, which was close to lovely sandy beaches and a good selection of restaurants and bars.

What is there to do in Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia? 

If you’re looking for quality beach time, amazing views, lush vegetation and turquoise water, then you’ve come to the right place. Cocooned in a beautiful high mountain range is a fantastic white beach with breathtaking blue water. You could easily spend all day relaxing, doing water sports, snorkelling and exploring the hidden cave to the left, but most importantly for adrenaline junkies, paragliding.

Myrtos Beach Paragliding - scenic viewpoint of the mountain and ocean from above
View Point as you drive from the south

How to book the Myrtos beach paragliding experience 

No Borders is the company that provides a tandem flight paragliding experience. Whether this is a new thrill to be added to your bucket list or just a new location to experience it at, it doesn’t get any better than this. 

It is easiest to book on the day by approaching the team parked up near the toilets and changing facilities. The friendly staff will explain what they provide and costs, as well as put you at ease if you’re a little nervous. 

After making the nail biting decision to jump off a mountain, you need to decide for how long. 

As of 2023/2024 the cost for 20 minutes of Myrtos beach paragliding in Kefalonia is €160

The jump times will also be determined by the weather as if there isn’t much wind, they will find it hard to stay in flight for the full 30 minutes. However, the team will advise you of what is possible on the day. All jumps included a go-pro video provided by the instructors and put on an SD- card to take home. If possible, check this when you land to ensure that it has been captured correctly. 

What to expect from the paragliding experience 

Myrtos Beach Paragliding - tandem flight over Kefalonia iconic beach

A van will take you to the top of the mountain in about 15 minutes. If cash isn’t something you have to hand, then you can grab cash along the way. Once at the jump Location, you will pair up with the relevant instructor based on height and weight. You will be ready to glide following a safety briefing and instruction of the dos and don’ts. 

This beautiful beach looks even better up high so take in the views/shots before you make the jump. 

Myrtos beach paragliding - view of the nearby beach you can only get to by boat
The beach you can’t see from Myrtos… You can only get there by boat

Once you’re in flight, any fears you may have had will disappear as quickly as the ground beneath you. Peacefully glide along Myrtos beach Kefalonia that you once looked up at and see the fantastic colours from above. Then, sailing close to the trees and rocks, but not close enough to worry, you will fly out over the sea with one of the most incredible views of Kefalonia you could ask for.

Depending on how comfortable you are, the paragliding instructors will ask if you want a bigger adrenaline rush. Of course, you do! They will perform a few stunts and tricks as you come to land on the white pebbles below.  

Myrtos Beach Paragliding in Summary 

As for bang for your buck, Myrtos beach paragliding in Kefalonia is 100% worth it. Being able to experience the thrill of flying and enjoying the panoramic views across this Greek Island is a great experience to tick off your bucket list. 

This experience truly is once in a lifetime. Would you do it? We’d love to know how you found it or any other questions you may have. 

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  1. Wow what fun! I have never had the chance to paraglide till date but would love to do it someday. I will especially consider destinations like Kefalonia Beach for such breath taking views. Thanks for this, I will add this to my bucket list.

  2. I have done over 150 skydives. But I still long to do paragliding over an idyllic scene like Myrtos Beach. The more stunts the better. The beach and views look stunning. I should surely spend a lot of time on and under the water.

  3. Amazing views over Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia. I would definitely enjoy the tandem paragliding over the beach and the sea. I did a beginner paragliding course in Austria. So I did fly over the mountains but never at the shore!

    1. I remember my paragliding days at Bir, Himachal Pradesh. This paragliding at Myrtos Beach looks fun especially on top of the sea. I would love to visit someday for sure.

  4. I had never heard of Kefalonia or Myrtos Beach. Thank you for introducing me to a new place. The views of the water are breathtaking. Paragliding gives a bird’s eyeview and that is why it is my favorite adventure activity. The thrill of flying above a Greek island is uncomparable for sure.

  5. That really looks like a super experience. I have never done paragliding. It would be a fun way to explore the beach, just like a bird to soar in the sky.

  6. I have a little fear, but that would never stop me from this experience! The views and floating feeling must be amazing.

  7. Myrtos Beach Paragliding seems to be a thrilling and extreme adventure! I’m impressed by your experiences! It seems like you have a lot of fun, but for me a little bit scary. Probably I would have to try to change my mind. With your recommendations and tips on how to prepare for it, it seems to be much easier. The views are spectacular.

  8. The beach , rather the island looks stunning from up there. I am sure the burst of adrenaline further added to the beauty of the landscape. And you seem pretty comfortable up there. Good tips on how to go about booking this trip and the cost one needs to keep in mind. Cheers

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