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Zip world fforest reviews of plummet 2

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrilling adventure? Look no further than Zip World Fforest, Betws y Coed, Wales! This incredible experience perfectly combines speed and nature, featuring zip lines running through trees over hillsides and valleys. You’ll be able to take in the breathtaking views of Snowdonia National Park while zipping across the landscape at breakneck speeds. Whether you’re an experienced thrill seeker or just looking for something new and exciting to do, you won’t regret choosing Zip World Forest. Read on to learn more about this unique adventure!

North Wales just couldn’t keep us away. It has so much to offer, with adventures around every corner. So, it’s where we found our next nail-biting experience.

Where is Zip World FForest 

We love adrenaline so much we’ve returned to the famous Zip world but this time the fforest. 

Before you ask, this is not a typo; it is how it’s spent, thanks to the amazing yet ever-confusing Welsh Language. 

Zip World Fforest is an incredible adventure park in North Wales, close to the historic town of Betws-y-Coed. This location boasts some of Zip world’s most fun yet thrilling experiences, all outside in one of Snowdonia’s beautiful forests.

What can you expect at Zip World Forest? 

Zip Fforest has six different fun-filled attractions that are sure to please adults, but some activities are also suitable for children as young as three years old (when accompanied by an adult). 

The park has all the necessary safety measures so visitors can enjoy their thrill-seeking adventure without worry. Safety briefings occur before each activity, ensuring everyone understands what they have signed up for before participating. With its stunning scenery and extreme thrills, Zip World Fforest does have something for everyone!

This amazing park is home to some of Europe’s longest and highest zip lines, thrilling treetop adventures, and more. The zip lines range from a fast 400m ride to a full kilometre through trees, over rivers and on mountainsides, making them an adventure not to be missed! Read on to discover some of the best attractions at Zip World Betws y Coed.

Plummet 2

Zip world fforest reviews of Plummet 2

We are starting with our favourite adrenaline activity at this park, PLUMMET 2! The journey begins with a ride on a unique vertical drop slide. At over 200 feet tall, it’s the longest vertical freefall drop slide in Europe!

This experience gives you the unnatural feeling of free falling with no hand fails, platforms and anything apart from a trap door. Sounds fun? It is! After trekking to the top of the tower, you’ll see a trap door. That sounds terrifying to any normal person, but you have paid good money for it, and believe me when we say you’re going to love it. 

Choose whether you want a countdown or a surprise; being the daredevils we are, we went for no warning and bang, the door drops, and you feel a surge of weightlessness as you plummet to the forest bed. In seconds you’re softly brought to your feet and left wondering what has happened. 

This one has no specific age restrictions, but participants must be 1.2 meters tall, and any under 18s need to have an adult spectator. 

The typical Zip World Plummet 2 cost is Tandem from £23 and lasts about 20 minutes.

Skyride 2

Zip world fforest reviews of Skyride 2

The second thrill ride in question at the Zip fforest is Skyride 2. Europe’s highest giant swing set, 80ft in the air, allows five people to swing from 24 ft up across the betws-y-coed hills. 

Strapped into a long log-like structure and given FREE front-mounted cameras to record all the funny and terrifying faces, you slowly cranked up to the maximum height, facing the ground and given a count down. To top it off, one of the five people experiencing this thrill ride is given the experience to pull the cord and release everyone from their hanging position to plummet and swing towards the Welsh hills and high into the sky. 

Again, this ride has no age limit, but riders must be over 1.2 meters, and people under 18 must have an adult spectator. 

The typical cost of the Zip World Fforest Skyride 2 is £13pp, lasting about 15 minutes.

Zip World Forest Coaster

Zip world fforest reviews of the fforest coaster

There’s also a unique ‘Fforest Coaster’ experience – the only Alpine Coaster in Wales – which takes you on a thrilling journey down through the trees and back up again. Blast down the 1km track through the gorgeous Welsh countryside at up to 25mph speeds. You can also book this experience during the sunset hours, adding to the beauty of this adrenaline-pumping experience.

Drivers of the Fforest coaster need to be at least nine years old and take passengers between 3-8 if there is a supervising adult. What a way to get your kids into adrenaline activities early!

The typical cost of the Zip World Forest Coaster is from £35pp

Tree Hoppers 

Zip world fforest reviews of tree hoppers

The treetop adventure course offers a range of exciting activities set among the treetops, including rope bridges, swinging logs and high wires, and plenty of other fun activities for all ages.

You can take children between 3-8 around the course with you, or if you’ve got older children, they can navigate the 22 fun treetop elements independently. There are two courses to choose from, depending on how brave you are…

The typical cost of the Zip World Tree Hoppers is from £20pp

Treetop Nets

Zip world fforest reviews of the treetop nets

The treetop nets at Zip World Forest have two levels, with two nets connected by narrow bridges. Visitors can explore each level and cross over both bridges for a full experience.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as rope swings, slides, scramble nets, and look-out points while navigating the treetop nets. Children from 3 years old can enjoy exploring the treetops with an accompanying adult, whereas children over seven just need to be spectated.

The typical cost of the Zip World Treetop Nets is £20pp lasting approximately 2 hours.

Zip Safari 2

Zip Safari 2 is a thrilling adventure that gives riders an adrenaline-filled ride over the treetops as they soar across five zip lines ranging from 350 – 1200ft, reaching speeds up to 40 mph.

At Zip World Fforest, Zip Safari 2 is designed to be both fun and educational. As riders zip through the park, they’ll learn about forest ecology, local flora and fauna and get an up-close glimpse of wildlife in their natural habitat. The course also includes interactive elements such as tree swing obstacles and platforms to add an extra element of challenge while taking in all nature offers.

It’s important to note that reservations are required for this experience, and being at least 5’6″ tall with a minimum weight of 55 pounds – no one under 18 can go without parental supervision either.

Typical cost of the Zip Safari 2 from £40pp, lasting up to 3 hours a session

Zip World Fforest Reviews in Summary

If you’re looking for an action-packed, fun-filled day with your friends, family or other half, Zip World Fforest will provide everything you wish for. With many different activities available, you’re spoilt for choice on what to do and can easily spend a full day here. Not to mention the Zip Forest is dog friendly, has free parking and a licenced café and coffee shop!

Our experience and review of Zip World Fforest lead us to recommend this day wholeheartedly. If you’re an adult, you shouldn’t be deterred by the fact there are activities here mainly suited for children. If anything, it adds to the atmosphere of the day and gives budding adrenaline junkies a platform to try stuff out before some of the more terrifying experiences below:

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