Gorge Walking in South Wales – An Incredible Brecon Beacons Adventure

gorge walking in south wales

Most people would shudder to jump from cliffs into almost black water, not knowing what lies beneath. Not us at Adrenaline Junkiez. We jumped at the opportunity of getting involved in this fun outdoor activity! Situated in the stunning mountain range of the Brecon Beacons National Park, Blue Ocean Adventures invited us down to try out their thrilling gorge scrambling experience. Read on for everything you need to know about Gorge walking in South Wales and why you should add it to your bucket list.

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What is Gorge Walking?

If someone said to us, you’re going Gorge Walking in the Brecon Beacons we wouldn’t have known what to expect. Imagine nature, picturesque scenery, waterfalls, beautiful gorges, plunge pools, and everything in between. Then picture yourself hiking, climbing, sliding, wading, scrambling, canyoning and jumping your way through the natural rivers and you’ll have an idea of the range of activities Gorge walking in South Wales will cover! Consider it wild swimming in overdrive and get ready to immerse yourself in many exhilarating water activities. 

Preparing for your Gorge Scrambling experience

Preparing for this popular activity is easy as Blue Ocean Adventures provide all required safety equipment and wet suits.

All that you need to take are:

  • Lace up trainers / Hiking Shoes
  • Filming or photo equipment. The experienced guides will also take photos throughout the activity and upload them free of charge.
  • A towel and change of clothes
  • A t-shirt and swimming costume to go under your wetsuit 
  • A pair of shorts to go over your wetsuit (these will be provided if you forget)

Where does Gorge Scrambling Wales take place? 

Meeting just outside Neath, at the edge of the Brecon Beacons, not far from the Angel pub, you will meet your fellow adrenaline junkies for your river adventure. You will be equipped with all safety equipment and given a safety briefing. Our advice is to pay attention as you will 100% need it.

gorge walking in south wales - tiny planet on the insta 360 camera

What can you expect from Gorge Scrambling In Wales

You take a short walk into the wilderness and approach your first gorge jumping task. The start is the easiest part of the day; a small jump into cold water from the river’s edge. This jump is to give you a feeling for the water and an idea of what lies ahead, and the instructor will see how you deal with jumping into rivers.

After a small swim downstream, you can do it all again under a beautiful bridge which is a lovely photo opportunity. Next, you walk down into a canyon, where you’re gathered for instructions on the next task. It doesn’t take long for things to get a bit more challenging!

You’re now faced with a massive rock where you’re told to lay on your stomach and crawl into a hole no bigger than a car wheel. Then, slide yourself across the rocks into the dark, where you need to have enough strength to support yourself and swing around to ensure you don’t face plant a rock. This experience is a little test to see how you cope with small spaces and instructions.

Now the fun begins, waterfall time!

Brecon Beacons gorge walking is so good because there are so many stunning waterfalls. Most are purely for admiring, but a number of them provide the perfect gorge jumping opportunity (if you know what you’re doing).

If you fear heights or the unknown, Gorge walking Brecon Beacons will help you tackle them head-on. You’re taken to a waterfall no more than 15-20 feet tall with a ledge that you can walk under. You’ve guessed it; you’re walking under the rapids and jumping with water splashing against you.

At this point, the river’s temperature is the last thing on your mind, but be alert to the instructions from the guides. They show you the exact spot to leap, and as you are not alone, all the pressure is on the first jumper. Having done canyoning and waterfall jumps before, it didn’t scare us, but you could see the fear in some people’s faces. Once everyone has jumped, the guides ask if you fancy a little higher. Again, you have the option to skip this one if you’re not feeling confident with the gorge jump.

gorge walking in south wales - jumping off a big waterfall

Cameras are perfect for this experience, like go-pro, insta 360, or even your phone (with the correct case and strap). Getting good jump shots, either from in the water or holding it, will most certainly improve the experience. Being able to look back and laugh at the faces being pulled will show you how well you did to overcome your fear.

Gorge walking Brecon Beacons is not just waterfall jumping but also part caving. Another highlight of Gorge scrambling is at a part of the mountain called the wormhole. It’s a small hole in the side of a hill which you must climb up in complete darkness in search of light. However, the fun doesn’t stop there! Face first; you’ll have to slide back down the rockface, carefully manoeuvring yourself to avoid landing headfirst at the bottom.

gorge walking in south wales - jumping off a waterfall

After a few more climbs and jumps, you are taken to the final leap, which isn’t for the faint-hearted. After a short walk through the beautiful Welsh countryside, you are greeted by a bridge overlooking a stunning cliff edge high above a mini lake. The guide will show you and explain all you need to do to ensure you jump safe and have the safest landings. So don’t be afraid to try gorge scrambling. You won’t regret it; we can promise you that.

Gorge walking in South Wales Summary:

Blue ocean adventure will provide one of the most fun days out in the Brecon beacons you will ever have. Rain or shine, these activities will help you overcome your fears and push you to your limits while showing you the beautiful Welsh national park.

Other tour providers also deliver gorge scrambling in wales, but Blue Ocean Adventures offers the best value for money. They take out groups of different sizes, ages, and experiences and are great to consider for adventurous stag or hen parties.

If you’re interested in experiencing the beauty of Wye Valley and the Brecon Beacons, you can also take an organised tour from Cardiff. See below for price and availability:

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