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Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya are some of the most beautiful parts of Mexico. From the turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea to the soft white sandy beaches, there is a vast and stunning coastline to explore. But adrenaline junkies don’t stay onshore, do they? Instead, they take to the waves and rev that throttle and Jet Ski in Playa del Carmen in style. Best of all, this is a fun activity you can do in Playa del Carmen when it rains!

Read on to discover the best Playa del Carmen jet ski tours.

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Where to stay in Playa del Carmen

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, then look at the options below. We stayed at the Ocean Maya Royale Adults Only Resort, which we’d certainly recommend.

Where to Jet Ski in Playa del Carmen

jet ski in playa del carmen, getting ready before hitting the waves

If you’re staying at a beachside hotel or resort along the Riviera Maya, then the chances are you will have a water activities center on your doorstep. The Ocean Maya Royale runs the popular jet ski tour across the Riviera Maya; the Ocean Safari Wave Runner and Snorkeling combo. 

Many people wonder about the Playa del Carmen jet ski price. There are two options: 

  1. Solo Jetski: if you’re not wanting to share the ride with anyone, then it will cost approximately $99 for the Ocean Safari Jet ski tour
  2. Tandem Jetski: if you’re happy taking the backseat or taking it in turns, this will lower your costs, and you can get them for approximately $75 each. 

We had a tandem jet ski as it worked out cheaper for us both, and we would change drivers after our snorkeling session. You can find some of the other major tours available below. Whilst they say Cancun, they typically also pick up from Riveria Maya and Playa del Carmen.

Preparing to Jet Ski in Playa del Carmen

jet ski in playa del carmen, a couple on a tandem ocean safari during a rain storm

Before you’re let loose on the ocean ocean, you’ll sign the safety waiver, be kitted out with a life jacket, and then it’s time to jump on the machine. The benefit of booking from your resort is that everything is ready for your Jetski rental. You may need to wait for people from other hotels to join you, but you meet out on the ocean.  

What is it like to Jet Ski in Playa del Carmen? 

Went we set off, the waves were slightly choppy but nothing to worry about. I’m an experienced jet skier, so I understood how to ride and when to use the throttle. However, if it is your first time, it’s straightforward to pick up, and you’ll be following an experienced guide the entire time. 

The first part of our trip took us across the Riviera Maya coast, weaving around in an S shape, testing our ability to handle the jet ski. Next, race across the beautiful Mexican coast, admiring the beautiful beaches. Finally, ride across the blue waters and head to the coral reef, where you’ll stop for some snorkeling. 

Snorkeling in Playa del Carmen

If you choose this as a rainy day activity, the water might not be as clear as you might like, but it is still warm. A snorkeling mask and flippers are provided, but we used our full face mask as it’s much more comfortable and the clarity is better. Get yours below. 

The instructors use pieces of tortilla to entice the tropical fish over. Then, when you immerse yourself in the water, you’re engulfed in hundreds of fish. You have about 20-30 minutes to swim around the reef before it’s time to make your way back.

If you’re on a tandem jet ski, this is the perfect time to change over. Kerry took control of this high-powered machine for the first time, but it was natural. The trip back meanders along the beautiful coast with more chance to twist and turn as you chase the raves. 

The Ocean Safari wave runner tour will typically take 2-3 hours. 

Playa del Carmen Jet Ski Tours in Summary

If you were on holiday, in one of the most beautiful parts of Mexico and it rained, what would you do? Jetski, of course! Come rain or shine, take to the waves on a Playa del Carmen jet ski tour. You won’t regret it. This amazing water activity will provide an adrenaline experience and lots of laughs. Snorkeling offers a nice break away from this thrilling water sport and a chance to discover what lurks beneath the ocean. 

Of course, you can also do jet ski rental in Playa del Carmen on most beaches. The prices aren’t much lower, but the length you get on the jet ski is often much less, usually ranging from 30 min to an hour within a designated area. 

Another great option while in Mexico is to visit the Xcaret Parks! Tick many items off your thrill seekers bucket list all at once with this iconic adventure park:

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