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ATV Playa del carmen

Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is packed with adventure in beautiful surroundings. We love beautiful beaches, beaming hot sunshine, and an all-inclusive bar. However, what happens when it rains or when you must escape the resort? Come rain or shine, there are fantastic adrenaline junkie excursions in Mexico, and we did one of the most exciting; ATV Playa del Carmen, complete with jungle ziplining and cenote. Read on for everything you need to know about ATV riding in Cancun, Mexico.

ATV in Mexico Contents

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Where is Cancun ATV and Zip Line

The good news is that many tour companies offer ATV, Zipline, and Cenote in Playa del Carmen. In addition, there are several ATV tours in the Riviera Maya and Mexico generally. Why only do one when you can tick off several items from your Adrenaline Junkie Bucket List? Best of all, these tours help you utilize your time on rainy days as they’re activities that won’t matter if you get wet or dirty. 

Many people ask how much Playa del Carmen ATV jungle tours cost. The cost depends on whether you ride solo or share your ATV. For example, a combi tour in Puerto Morelos will cost upwards of $75 (£55) for a shared ATV, but some packages have special deals that may reduce the price. 

Our ATV riding in Mexico was with Extreme Adventure Cancun, and this is what we’re sharing our honest experience about. You can check out the price and availability on the widget below:

However, there are also many other ATV Mexico tour providers below for a rounded view of the package and costs. 

What can you expect with an ATV Playa del Carmen Tour? 

ATV in Mexico Price

The price of the ATV, zipline and Cenote in Mexico will be in the region of $80 – $120, depending on whether you choose to share your quad bike or not. Tour companies have different prices and inclusions so be sure to check the details of your activity before you book.

Hotel Pick up from the Riveria Maya

As part of your ATV Playa del Carmen excursion, you can typically expect round-trip transportation to your hotel. Most tours pick up around the Quintana Roo area, so Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Playa del Carmen are usually covered. But fingers crossed your hotel is the last on the pickup list as there can be several people and hotels that need visiting before you arrive at your adrenaline adventure.


Once we arrived at the “Ruta de Los Cenotes” in Puerto Morelos, we were surprised to be offered upgrade options for $50 each! These additional costs cover better food and longer times / extended activities. However, this was what was advertised in the Get my Guide tour. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize it at the time, so we raised a complaint. If this happens to you, make sure you show reception your ticket, and they will honor your request (we got a refund). 

Like most places in Mexico, there is a shop that tempts you to buy things. The shop has an arrangement of items that will aid your adventures, like goggles, masks, and helmets. Quad biking in Mexico in the Mayan jungle terrain doesn’t require goggles as you’re not going fast enough.  

After some hustle and bustle, you’ll go through the following itinerary to start your Cancun ATV and zipline experience.

Playa del Carmen Zip Lining

After your safety briefing, you are given a locker at a $10 deposit. If you want photos or videos, the only way they will let you do this is by mounted go-pro or paying for professional pictures. After we’d been kitted out, the Playa del Carmen ziplining experience turned very daunting as a black thunderstorm started hammering down on us. The risk of electrocution just added to the fun!

You will glide across three different zip line platforms dotted around the treetops. Additionally, you will cross a narrow hanging bridge which adds to the adrenaline rush. As far as thrill-seeking activities go, though, there are better zip lines out there.

See some of the other picks for Ziplining in Mexico:

ATV Playa del Carmen

Here’s our favorite part, the quads! If you’ve been quad biking before, then you will be okay with this exciting activity. The quad bikes are a bit battered and broken, but nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, there is no insurance, so be extra careful ATV riding in Mexico.

ATV Playa del carmen - splashing through the mud puddles in the Mayan jungle

Take a wild ride down the jungle paths, splash through puddles and over rocks like you’re in a monster truck. But be careful as the water can splash up on the engine and create steam which will burn either you or your passenger. The jungle in the Rivieria Maya makes excellent scenery, but you will be having so much fun trying to keep your four wheels on the ground. 

After your 45-minute experience ATV riding Playa del Carmen, you will return to get yourself ready… then Tequila! 

Tequila Tasting

A tequila tasting class is an unadvertised part of the tour (but also trying to get you to buy something). The knowledgeable guide explains how Tequila is made, where it comes from, and the differences between real Tequila and popular retail brands.

You are given several samples of different flavors of Tequila and showed the best way to drink it.

Do you know why Tequila is paired with salt and lemon? You will have to find out for yourself, and we won’t spoil it for you.


What is a Cenote? That’s what we thought when we first heard it. A Cenote is a beautiful underground river or sinkhole created over thousands of years. They’re Called Cenotes thanks to the Mayan word tz’onot, which means “abyss,” and they boast some of the most amazing clear, turquoise waters in Mexico. These freshwater havens are great for a refreshing swim, basking in their unique glory. 

You will take a short bus trip from the zip line and ATV center into a deep forest clearing to the Cenote Verde Lucero. This beautiful cenote is open to the public, but as we booked the afternoon ATV Playa del Carmen tour, we were lucky to have this to ourselves. 

Benches, toilets, and places to relax if swimming isn’t your thing, but we highly recommend it. The water is stunning, with tree roots climbing down the cliff edge into the deep blue abyss. It gives the sense of being in an actual jungle paradise.

For the adrenaline junkies, you can propel into the crystal clear water of the cenote by backward zipline. Or, if you’re feeling brave enough, you can jump from 10-15 meters height directly into the lake. They say this particular cenote is over 150 feet deep, so there is nothing to worry about below. You only get about 30 minutes at the cenote (shorter than advertised!) so make the most of it!


After drying off, you’re given complimentary tacos. There is a vegetarian option, but it is basically spiced potatoes. You can also buy additional food or drink or shop for souvenirs. They are more affordable here than in wider Playa del Carmen so take a look.

You will also get to view the professional photos taken throughout your ATV, Zipline, Cenote Playa del Carmen tour. For two people, this costs $69, so it doesn’t come cheap. Haggle with them as we got $9 taken off. It’s not much, but something, and they are worth it. 

That’s the end of your ATV Playa del Carmen tour. All you’re waiting for now is your return coach and drop-off.

Is ATV riding in Playa del Carmen worth it?

If you’re wondering what to do when it rains in Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya, then adventure activities it is! If anything, the rain will wash the filth from quad biking away, and the Cenote swim will cleanse your soul. All in all, this is a fun experience, but there are several similar ATV or ziplining outdoor activities available. Some even include amphibious vehicles or a visit to an underground cenote. 

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Make sure to pack some water shoes, a quick-drying towel, and a go-pro. Check them out on Amazon below: 

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  1. Such an amazing place Mexico is, and these little trips definitely showed me you can have the best of time in all wethers. I’m still enjoying my tequila to the day, as they were some of the best I’ve tasted.

  2. ATVs, Zip-lines, and tequila, Oh My! Sounds like you had quite the adventurous experience in Playa del Carmen! And I love that despite the rain, you had a great time — were even able to turn it into an advantage in washing off the muck. That is the spirit of a true adventure-seeking traveler!

  3. What a fun day that would have been! I’ve been to Playa del Carmen and this was not one of the tours I did. Mexico has some great cenote and would jump at the chance to do it again.

  4. My husband and I did this a few years ago on our honeymoon and it was one of the highlights of the trip! SO MUCH FUN!! So glad you enjoyed it too!

  5. I am not sure if I would enjoy the ATV ride, but the rest of the tour looks fabulous and amazing! Ziplining in lush green vegetation and swimming in a cenote – how wonderful. And all of that rounded up with some tacos and tequila – perfect! I would definitely book this tour in Playa del Carmen.

  6. This totally looks my kind of excursion day! I so love activities that pump up your adrenaline and add thrill to your vacation 🙂 Ziplining in those lush green forests and quad biking during a rainy day is definitely something I would enjoy. Thank you for this detailed, information packed posts. Loved your tips too esp of getting a refund. So happy to know the tour ends with tacos! YUM!

  7. It’s a different adrenaline on an ATV ride, a real blast! Jumping and swimming in the cenotes, which is over 150 feet deep, worrisome, but enjoyable at the same time. These Playa del Carmen excursions are amazing!

  8. Umiko Silalahi says:

    I think this is not only good for when it’s raining. Everyone who likes adventures has to do it while in Playa del Carmen. The ATV tour sounds really fun. You got to zipline, did the ATV ride, jumped into cenote, and ended with a glass of tequilla. Sounds wonderful!

  9. Travelsandwandering says:

    I would love to do this and cenote, it just looks like so much fun. Although knowing that depth it would probably take me a lot of attempts before actually jumping or zipping into it.

  10. When we went to Plays del Carmen we only visited Tulum. And did a little snorkeling. I would have loved to add ziplining and cenote exploring to our visit!

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